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It is an art to be able to create great spaces while maintaining maximum functionality with innovative kitchen remodeling service ideas. If you add some artistic and personal flair to your kitchen, you will find that it has a more refined air. AW Martin is the most reputable kitchen remodeling contractor in Mercer County, New Jersey, and they provide high-quality kitchen renovation services throughout the state. We are a top kitchen remodeling service business in New Jersey. If you live in or near the state of New Jersey, give us a call today! With more than seven years of expertise in carrying out kitchen renovation projects in New Jersey.


We have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the success of your kitchen remodeling service project. We collaborate with you through every stage of the process, from the design to the installation. We take responsibility for ensuring that the renovation of your kitchen is finished to your satisfaction and within the allotted amount of time. AW Martin offers the experience necessary to turn your ideal kitchen into a reality, regardless of whether you want to give your kitchen an updated design with a modern aesthetic or add a traditional touch to it. Please allow us to assist you with the remodeling of your kitchen in new jersey.


Why Hire Professional Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In New Jersey

As expert kitchen remodeling contractors, we collaborate with you from the very start of the project all the way through to its completion. We are able to guide you in making the best design selection for the size of your kitchen and recommend the most effective floor plan.. Our   top notch  kitchen remodeling services  by adhering to the criteria listed below.

Design Consultation

Design of your kitchen should align with your lifestyle and taste. We offer  individualized design consulting services to guarantee that your dream kitchen will perfectly suit your needs and preferences. Our designers will collaborate with you to discuss every aspect of the design, from the layout and color palette to the selection of materials and finishes. We want to make sure that your kitchen adheres to your financial constraints while yet accurately reflecting your one-of-a-kind sense of style. We pay attention to the aims and purposes you have in mind for your kitchen remodeling service. 

Our designers will work with you to create a bespoke kitchen design and find solutions for your space, drawing from their experience with hundreds of happy clients and successful kitchen remodeling service. We will show you computer-generated ideas for your kitchen as well as cost estimates. Our staff is able to explain the procedure that we use to remodel kitchens so that you have a clear idea of the stages that we take together to achieve a kitchen makeover in New Jersey that is free of worry.

Installation Services

After the planning stage is over, our installation professionals will begin the process of changing your space into a stunning new kitchen. Our staff will install all of the essential components with accuracy and careful attention to detail. This includes cabinetry, worktops, flooring, and lighting fixtures of all kinds. If you want additional features or accents added to your new kitchen, we also provide bespoke carpentry services that you may take advantage of.

Storage Design: You might be able to get away with making only a few simple adjustments to a smaller room, such as installing new worktops or cabinets. On the other hand, if you have a sizable kitchen, you need to take into account the expense of purchasing new appliances, flooring, and other materials.

Material Selection: Granite countertops can be several hundred dollars more than their laminate counterparts. Additionally, the cost of bespoke cabinets might be significantly higher than that of standard cabinets. The price of appliances might change not only with the model but also with the brand you decide to purchase.


Popular Features  for custom kitchen remodeling include: 

  • Beautiful new hardwood or tile floor installations
  • 30?, 36?, and 42? cabinets
  • Islands of all shapes and sizes
  • Bar areas
  • Natural ststonesuch as Granite, Caesarstone, and Silestone
  • Laminate and Corian countertops
  • Stainless steel, energy-efficient and commercial grade appliances
  • Custom ceramic tile patterns
  • Vetrazzo recycled glass
  • Removal of walls (including bearing walls) to expand your space
  • Multi-layer crown molding
  • Beautiful lighting fixture installations
  • Recessed, low-voltage, and LED lighting

Pricing Estimates

The complexity of the project: The price of the project may need to be adjusted upward substantially if you want to enhance the amount of space available or add a new island. The price of the job may also go up if you decide to add new plumbing or electrical wiring as part of it.

We are aware of the huge financial commitment that kitchen remodeling service sight entail. We provide free estimates so that you may obtain a general sense of how much your job will cost before you make a commitment to us.

We offer affordable, high-quality work. Our innovative methodology provides personal attention and efficiency. To deliver the greatest service, we use our large roster of subcontractors and professional artisans with decades of expertise. We have a dedicated office staff to answer your queries. We have a team of designers to assist you to choose materials and fittings from a large selection. To save you money, we have extensive supplier ties. Our architects and engineers help with complex projects. If needed, we will get permissions and inspections. We want to provide everything. Check out Resources.

Our professionals will make sure your kitchen makeover goes successfully. AW Martin Kitchen Remodeling service is created for you. We listen and help you design a place on a budget you can afford. We’re a full-service supplier and contractor, so we’ll keep your project on schedule and on budget. Schedule a free consultation or request more information about our services now! We’re excited to design your dream kitchen! Call 609-799-1333 now!


Depending on the size of the job, for mitigation services, we serve these local areas:

  • West Windsor, NJ
  • East Windsor, NJ
  • Princeton, NJ
  • Montgomery, NJ
  • Hopewell, NJ
  • Robinsville, NJ
  • Hamilton, NJ
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Middlesex County, NJ
  • Somerset County, NJ
  • Ewing, NJ
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA

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