Multi-Unit Residential Photo Gallery

Reliable Commercial Maintenance

A.W. Martin Construction, Inc. provides maintenance and repair of multi-unit residential complexes. We have been performing work on apartment buildings since we were founded in 1991. Our company has several teams in the field at all times so we can almost always meet your needs. In addition, we provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check out our Emergency Services page for more information. Nearly every job includes a project manager on site while work is being performed. We also have an office staff available to handle all of your questions, comments, and concerns throughout the job. We also deal with the process of obtaining permits and inspections, when necessary.

Recently, we built a multi-unit residential building with 8 apartment units to match the style of the surrounding buildings. The apartments were built from the ground up because the original units were completely destroyed in a fire. The construction included everything from restoring the foundation to framing to installing appliances. Photos of that particular project are below.

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